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The Everett Clubhouse is a partner with HERO House NW, a nonprofit(c)3 organization.   We join the Seattle and Bellevue Clubhouses to provide a psychiatric rehabilitation model that focuses on socialization and community engagement to bring every participant known as a “member” of the Clubhouse program to the table for the running of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse model is an evidenced based program that has been implemented in more than 320 communities in 34 countries since its inception in 1948 and has proven successful with rehabilitation, recovery, and reintegration into the community.  Clubhouse International provides a set of Clubhouse standards, a well-documented training process, and certification for Clubhouses.  The Everett Clubhouse is a member of the Clubhouse International and will meet all the Clubhouse International standards.  Our vision is that through the unique and vibrant Everett Clubhouse environment, people living with the effects of mental illness will achieve their full potential in the community as respected co-workers, students, neighbors, and friends.


Why a Clubhouse in Everett?

Persistent mental illness is a significant disruption to a person’s life that separates and isolates them from typical daily activities.  The National Alliance for Mental Illness reports that one in four Americans live with a mental health condition.  The North Sound Behavioral Health Organization in Mount Vernon, who administer federal and state programs in our area, say that 26% of the population in Snohomish County have some degree of mental illness. The services currently available in our area are often overwhelmed and focus on temporary treatment instead of an ongoing recovery process.

A Clubhouse program in Everett will provide resources and community for those living with mental illness.  It is designed to end social and economic isolation.  The Clubhouse is a friendly and welcoming place where people can go daily bringing their individual skills and talents to work on projects that support the running of the Clubhouse community.  A variety of support programs are also available to members that help them in their recovery such as a path to employment, further education, or connections to health and wellness resources.

Become A Member

At the Everett Clubhouse, we welcome members ages 18 and up, and membership is free. Members are adults who are recovering from chronic mental illness in Snohomish County.

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There are a variety of ways you can get involved today to help someone struggling with mental health issues.


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Phone: (425) 389-9510

Email: info@everettclubhouse.org

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